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UM Fireflow & Backflow Improvements

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Fireflow & Backflow Improvements
Client:   University of Montana Where:   Missoula, Montana

Backflow and Fireflow Improvements
DJ&A, P.C. completed the study which evaluated the University’s existing water system.  The study also modeled the existing site piping and building fire systems and requirements and made recommendations on upgrading the campus fire systems.

We designed the piping loop and upsizing and the placement of backflow devices and two water system booster stations.  By increasing the campus water system pressure by 25 psi all area of the campus meets the City of Missoula Fire Marshal’s fire flow and pressure standards.

We provided construction administration during the construction project.  The project included: eliminating a 6” and an 8” MWC water connections, construct two booster pump/backflow device structures each with a 40 hp and a two 10 hp booster pump and a backflow device in the booster pump structure and construct a 1,050 lineal feet of 12” DI water main.

  DJ&A, P.C. 
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