Ridge Above Rock Creek

Ridge Above Rock Creek
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Ridge Above Rock Creek
Client:  MRB Enterprises Where:  Clinton, MT

Ridge Above Rock Creek is an approved 20 lot major subdivision located near Clinton, Montana, located approx. 2000 ft. to the east of the confluence of Rock Creek and Clark Fork River.  The property contains 191.6 acres.  Ridge Above Rock Creek is a well-designed subdivision that is environmentally sensitive to the surrounding rivers and wilderness.

The developer had two goals in mind for this subdivision: first, to lesson impacts on surrounding rivers; and second, to develop areas of the property best suited for a well-planned neighborhood.  With these goals in mind the following strategies were implemented:  All riparian areas fall within the designated "common areas".  A riparian management plan we developed to insure the protection and preservation of these areas.  The majority of Douglas Fir stands are part of the designated "common areas".  Several large corridors link the common areas.

The lots are clustered in former hay crop lands at sizes ranging from 1.34 - 3.14 acres.  Clustering the lots maximizes the open space bordering the Clark Fork River and Rock Creek thereby preserving the existing riparian vegetation and wildlife habitat.  The overall density of the subdivision is one home per 5.3 acres.  Accessibility throughout the subdivision is provided by a gravel trail system

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