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Right-of-Way Services

DJ&A's Right-of-Way Team offers 30+ years experience in Right-of-Way Acquisitions and Negotiations for transportation, utility, pipeline, and telecommunication infrastructure projects.

DJ&A serves industries from State and Federal Agencies, Local Municipalities, Utility Companies and Alternative Energy Companies. We have the flexibility and understanding to handle the varied acquisition requirements for our diverse client base. Our experienced team prides itself in finding solutions to the most complex right-of-way acquisitions while making sure every negotiation is valued from the client's and property owner's standpoint.


Appraisals/Review Appraisals
Engineering, Surveying & Mapping
Pipeline/Utility Relocation
Damage Settlements
Federal Compliance & Certifications
Right-of-Way Program Assessment
Records Management
Title Research
Utility Conflict Resolution
Plat & Legal Description Preparation
Plan & Profile drawings
Construction oversight & inspection
Right-of-Way maintenance services
Vulnerability assessment
Access Maintenance & Security
Eminent Domain



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