Dillon water storage reservoir

MATL Transmission Line
East Fork Otter Creek
Miller Creek Road
Fernan Lake Road R/W
Petty Creek Road R/W

MATL Transmission Line
Client:  Montana-Alberta Tie, LLC (MATL)         Where:   Montana

Project Scope
The Federally Funded 215-mile transmission line, built by Tonbridge Power, Inc. is under the supervision of Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), an agency within the Department of Energy. DJ&A provided administrative oversight of the acquisition of 105 foot wide easement on 548 parcels of land including negotiations for right-of-way, assessment of damages, pole payments, right of entry, and temporary construction easements.

Aquisition responsibilities include:

  • obtaining title reports
  • preparing damage reports
  • establishing and maintaining a landowner database
  • providing mortgage release documents
  • coordination with appraisers, surveyors and designers
  • negotiations with landowners
  • filing of all easements and record

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