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GIS. Geographic Information System

GIS (Geographic Information System) is a computer-based tool for storing, managing and analyzing large amounts of information and data that are associated with a specific location.

The value of GIS data is increased by a sophisticated array of in-house electronic data processing (EDP) computer facilities including computer aided design and drafting (CADD) programs (such as AUTOCAD), GEOPAK Civil Design and MicroStation, Land Development Desktop, Computerized mapping (including Digital Terrain Models produced from photogrammetry), full sized color plotters, printers and desktop publishing enhanced graphics. We gain efficiency and eliminate manual transposition - type errors, by electronically downloading Global Positioning System (GPS) and other electronic survey equipment field data into our CADD systems and GIS.

Unlimited Possibilities
Because of its database nature, the uses of GIS are limited only by the imagination. A significant advantage can be gained in studies, analysis and design when GIS can be utilized for a project.


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