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Gallatin Estates
Client:  Private Where:  Missoula County, MT

Project Scope
The goal of this project was to create an affordable, family oriented, environmentally sensitive neighborhood with lots averaging just under a half-acre.  Approved in April, Gallatin Estates is a 68 lot major subdivision on a 33.78 acre parcel in Missoula County near Frenchtown, Montana.  Affordability was key in the development of this family oriented subdivision, each lot will have a modular home and two-car garage. “I think the attraction is the fact that everybody's going to get a nice-sized yard, like they don't get very often in town anymore,” co-owner Terry Crofts said. “They'll get a nice affordable home with a double garage, and they're still pretty close in.”

With over seven acres of open space that includes a buffer area protecting O’Keefe Creek; great care in protecting the creek and to allow for wildlife corridors from the Missoula Valley floor to the foothills and mountains to the north. Gallatin Estates is also adjacent to a regional park with active recreation areas that is part of the O’Keefe Meadows subdivision. 

DJ&A works with their clients, area owners and city officials to ensure the best possible development for the area. The process included review sessions with regional landowners and culminated with meetings and approvals by the Missoula County Planning Board and finally the County Commissioners. Gallatin Estates met little opposition on the commissioner level, and Commissioner Curtiss said she had few quibbles with the end product given its affordability and accommodations for wildlife and open space. “There's a big demand, I think, for a place to put modulars - nice, new ones,” she said.  During the process DJ&A petitioned to vacate and modify two existing Government Land Office right-of-ways while allowing for future through-connections in their place.  Several variances were also requested and approved.

Aesthetic and Conscientious . . .  The design of the subdivision includes wide streets with boulevard sidewalks and tree plantings.  The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks endorsed the new bridge over O’Keefe Creek because it replaces an undersized culvert and allows for wildlife and aquatic organism passage.  Several aspects of the subdivision design allows for improved 100-year flood water flows.

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