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Flynn Ranch
Client: Stockyard Road Investments Where:  Missoula, MT

Project Scope
Flynn Ranch is an approved subdivision consisting of 55 residential lots, a 0.5 acre park, and 0.97 acres of common area on 18.88 acres located approximately 0.5 miles north of Mullan Road on the east side of George Elmer Drive. 

The subdivision is a mixture of single-family, multi-family and townhouse units which offer attractive aminities such as parks, open space, wide sreets and boulevard sidewalks.  The mix of housing types allows for affordability with opportunities to move into larger or smaller units as a family's circumstances change. 

DJ&A has deftly taken this project from bare ground, through all required governmental processes to a stage where infrastructure development will occur in Fall 2009.

Design Phase:
The project is located in an area slated by the Comprehensive Plan for growth of this type.  Several new streetshave been designed and approved as part of the subdivision as well as imporvents to George Elmer Drive. George Elmer Drive is the new arterial street that will soon extend from Mullan Road to Highway 10 to the north.  As part of these improvements, DJ&A designed a roundabout at the intersection of George Elmer and Cattle Drive.  DJ&A ahs also designed the sewer, water and storm drain systems which will be incorporated into and contribute  to the large development of the region.

Construction Phase: 
Construction on the infrastructure for Flynn Ranch is expected to begin Fall 2009.  Residential construction will begin in Spring 2010.

Construction Photos

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