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  Christopher Anderson, PE,


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* Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional

** United States Green Build Council

Environmental Engineering

DJ&A, P.C. is ideally suited for researching and addressing the broad scope of environmental, social, economic, and political issues involved in the preparation of environmental impact statements and wetland assessments.

Civil Engineering and Environmental services are more important than ever as our natural resources become more and more valuable. It is vital that your engineer has the ability to foresee issues complicated by new governmental and environmental regulations.

Recently our team of GIS specialists was proudly involved in the mapping and analysis of one of the largest Superfund sites in America.


Environmental Assessments (EA) Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) Ecological Studies
Waste Minimization
Feasibility Studies
Public Involvement
Noise Pollution Studies
Wetland Studies
Wastewater Collection
Wastewater Treatment
Hazardous Waste
Groundwater Contamination
Pollution Control
Impact Statements
GIS Mapping
Environmental Documents


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