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Client:  City of Dillon         Where:   Dillon, MT

Project Scope
This engineering study included, assessment, evaluation, and recommendations for improvements to the City of Dillon's municipal water system.  It also included design and construction management.  During this project DJ&A studied and reported on the City's water system with short and long range goals; analysis of alternatives, recommendations and presentations.  The report included alternative cost estimates, additional usage, expanded storage and distribution, historical problems with Rattlesnake Creek surface water, ongoing correspondence and monitoring by State Water Quality Bureau (WGB) and plans to convert to well water exclusively.  Repair of an existing concrete reservoir was also accomplished for Dillon. 

This report considered the short and long range goals, reports and recommendations issued from previous studies.  It included WQB "boil" order and Rattlesnake Creek surface water "shut off" order consequences.  The recommendations also included a new concrete water reservoir for storage expansion, disinfection, system, automated controls, revisions to Well #3, distribution system improvements and cost estimates of all planned improvements.

Ongoing consultation, advice and guidance on questions raised, problems encountered, new ideas proffered and governmental agency ruling regarding the water system and its features including:

  • Chlorination/hypo-chlorination vs. gas
  • Coordination with the WQB on behalf of the City of Dillon
  • Lead and Copper Rule impact to the City
  • Hegsted spring (artesian well) option
  • Rattlesnake Creek source temporary isolation

Also studied was the survey, line routing, design, and construction management for system improvements and expansion to areas not yet served, developing a plan to bring the City into compliance with the Lead and Copper rule, water storage reservoir (750,000 gal. concrete) with control system, transmission main and distribution system expansion for Dillon.

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